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As they snowes once again fall in thee uttoxeter twilight zone Brr as our Tom and Robert and I and my husband and my Jack and Christopher venture outside to play snowe balls lyke we did in our Yorke past lyfes in 1587 .

January 23, 2021

As thee years and centuries may of thus douth past as ye and all of us play snowballs in thee cold snowy day in thee wintor wonderland where once again nature puts on her gown of white as my husband says Ercon this our Tom it’s thee snowe powder plot but before long thee sleet thus came as we went back to thee village once again to thee inner Twilight zone as we saw huddled in thee photo shop doorway a man asleep as thee people walked by let’s hope he funds shelter after all I’ve been there on thee street in my childhood . here’s all of us in our world in our bubble

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