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Nothing more than my Jack Lykes more than his early morning coffee he says it helps him start his day after a long nite giving me cuddles along wyth my husband but my husband prefers percolated coffee ,

January 23, 2021

Even thou in our house hold in thee world of ghosts in fact I’m more popular in thee sprit world than I am on earth I’ve often been told .but thee ghosts I lyfe wyth are my family .who would of thought that after all these centuries that have passed us that we are more closer now than we have ever been .as for Jack he just lyke any other bloke as he Lykes his elevences coffee as well as his early morning cuppa .it reminded me of when I was six years old that in thee Oxon years when we used to go into Witney Oxfordshire and I would go into pricerights and get my aunt’s shopping and buy Camp coffee as well as max well house as well as other items which weighed a ton .and thee counters was so high and wyth all thee people wyth their shopping baskets full to thee brim .and thous pink sheald stamps one used to get .they got to know me quite well in their as thee assistants used to say oh you poor critter in you’re rags you take care and don’t let them take advantage of thee as my aunt was waiting out side as thee hippy’s used to be out side sitting on thee payment smoking their pipes and wyth brightly coloured outfits and say piece little madam may it allways be wyth you always and you’re rags may one day be riches of cloth of gold when you grow olde. But if you think about different coffees there have been but a lot of thee brands have gone lyke elevences brim that makes a welcome change and still going birds coffee as for my aunt she always used to say I be giggerd thats coffees gone up by 3d this week

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