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Who would of thought that after four centuries my husband would look thee same as he did back in 1605 .and Jack and Christopher never aged your looking at ghosts living ghosts.

January 24, 2021

After all these years and when all thous years ago back in 1583 when my husband and I started to form our lynk so that when his body met it’s end in 1606 that my husband made sure that you could say his insurance policy would come through lyke a when our bloods joined through various potions and wyth thee bottle of potion a very powerful ones that my husband gave strict instructions wyth Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert that if they knew that death was imminent they had to drink thee special potion to ensure that when one of us return to earth that they would once again reform partly thus is why you see them as they are my husband was and always has been a very clever man and wyth all his planning it worked and here you see us together but when my body dies we all leave earth

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