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So let’s look at a typical day in our Fawkes household.

January 25, 2021

Lyke all ghosts my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert mostly are in their transparent form and to thee average person you would be hard pressed to see them and in most cases a ghost can present him self in any way he wyshes but he can lyke appear just to let you know oh by thee way we are here .bit wyth my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert they are very powerful and different thus beeing of our supernatural lynks our pact we formed many centuries ago that would bind us together forever when in 1605 when robert and Jack and Christopher was riding along wyth Robert Gateby and thee others who left London after my husband was cought trying to blow up thee houses of parliament in November 1605 .they tryed in vain to seek support from so called friends and family Tom and Robert wintour who came from worstershire born in Jan 1571 Thomas and Robert wintour in 1572 was parte of thee Midlands catholics all of what you call thee Gun powder plotters was and still could wound if you put my life in danger in 1600 they was all trained to kill . So as for Jack and Christopher and my husband yes they do eat but not all thee tyme and when they do they can burn off their food by a few secs into thee form of energy but you could say they literally burn it off but they go out side to do that .and wyth in a flash they are as they always are we all know what each other are thinking you could say that we joined our souls together but mostly importantly love is stronger bond of all and yes Jack and Christopher and my husband do have a heart beat .when I get cuddled at night I can feel them and hear them so let’s look at our back in tyme pics wyth David who is thee keeper of tyme who came to make sure when we returned to our London past lyfes that every thing in thee two tymes would corrdinate you have to admit that Jack is such a handsome ghost but along wyth my husband and Christopher and Tom and Robert they all are this is Us back in 1970s Oxfordshire

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  1. Susan Hathcock permalink
    January 25, 2021 3:12 am

    I do so look forward to these entries; each is like a mysterious poem. You have a lovely, completely original way of using words. Thank you for the time and trouble you take to share them and the accompanying artwork.

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