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So let’s look at our tratorist neighbors believe you me if you think youres is bad then what about these b.astards .

January 26, 2021

Of all thee flesh and blood people I met these are hell on earth .and wyth their back strapping biggoted ways they are allways on thee cadge or lyke thee olde biddy at thee end flat oh you got a ciggy boudicca I’ll pay you but for all thee help I’ve given them lyke we helped to get her a bed by fynding out where she could buy one and having to replace her lyght baulbs wyth no money given or getting them stuff from thee shops from vetitables to ciggys as lyke them think lyke wyth thee cookers oh we have that and not pay but in thee summer they all bunch up together drinking alcohol and getting bladderd and some are knocking off married men wyth no thought of their poor wife’s thee fact of thee matter is they just don’t care they are a race of hatefully people .over thee years I’ve had many hate notes from these people from death ones by thee olde Biddy’s to get out of Towne and when you do any one a favour and trust them to pay you for thee shopping they ask for you don’t expect this put through thee door as for Guido he would deal wyth it but I wyll keep his temper under control but because of this you can fully understand why I hate thee place and secondary why I should of had help years ago wyth a moove so why does no one help but ones things for sure they come to thee door then it won’t be answered and ther police wyll be called I want this place gone and if I could think of a strong curse that would stick I’d put one in it ,

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