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Between two worlds as we once again met up wyth thee father of tyme for my husband to discuss when and how if it could be done to send our cookers back between this world and of 1970s past tyme .

January 28, 2021

Any thing is possible when you’re married to a Ghost and know many ghosts from 1500 to 1976 so when we thought and disscused about thee situation and on earth thee same olde problem of people not helping .so TI’m said you know when we went through tyme back to London in 1605 perhaps David thee keeper of tyme would be of assistance in our plight .it was agreed that Robert would be disspatched to arrange a meeting wyth thee keeper of tyme a few weeks later after a meeting as these cumcumstances was exceptional that as a one of journey there and back permission would be granted so our cookers was boxed up and was disspatched between thee worlds of this one of today and thee world of yesterday 1970s Oxfordshire and yes they have arrived safe and sound one of them thee 1973tricity president2550 wyll only return thou thee other one wyll be as a payment of help we received thanks to David who said our cooker wyll return in August a big thank you to every one from both tymes and worlds for you’re help .

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