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And here’s our Jack birthday he’s had a very busy day and three square meals and lots of cuddles who would of thought that’s it’s been 415 years when they thought they had killed all thee Gun powder plotters off on that day 31st of January in Westminster hall but as my poor husband was sent to death he and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert had already made our pact as my husband says it was his insurance policy and it worked he must of known when he escaped from thee tower of London that as he slept of thee white tower he knew that even thou on thee 30th January 1606 that I had died but he knew that Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert was all protected by our series of joining together thee powerfull potion that in 1605 that my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert would take and thee other lot when they knew that their end was nigh as for Jack Robert and christopher who on thee 8th November 1605 at Holbeck house in Staffordshire knew before they went out to fight they took thee magic potion

January 31, 2021

After 415 years on thus said day thou douth say that after over 350 years that we would all be back together again when after thee trail of my husband and Tom my husband spirt returned to yorksher to fynd our grave as he said at thee tyme if ye dies before me then I wyll fynd you and dig up thoust grave thee wyll never rest untill thee and me are together again and that he did as he reached into my open coffin he pulls my hand as we walked along thee moors to our olde Ike tree when thee and me was young UN’s again as there be our Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert as my husband allways says there’s noubt more powerful than love on earth as in deed heaven above that nothing that can disstinted what we have in this lyfe or thee next as thee passion of Christ wyll always be strong lyke us and that wyll always be us five to be now and forever be .wyth food all eaten and plates licked clean my ghosts are contented and yes they do have a heart beat and Jack snores sometimes bless him

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