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It’s been a very busy day in our Fawkes household as our Jack and my husband keep looking to see if there sausepan is ready for them to clean out what I left a bit in thee bottom of thee pan but my husband and Jack are very competitive but it’s was our Jack playing peek a boo behind our electric fyre who got there first much to my husband’s dissapointment but I said never mynd Darling you can luck thee cream bowl out when I make thee topping for thee truffle .

January 31, 2021

Well our jacks already eaten his birthday cake and licked out thee custarde pan and for lunch had a saucepan that’s 3pints of mushroom soup four slices of bred three other pieces of another cake and still said any more lass husband said you want more lad more ?? As our Jack said missuss is a great cook wyth her cakes and home made jam and even mushroom soup so my husband says it’s thee pies and cakes and soup she makes as my wife waves her woman’s touch wyth her creative touch that’s why i married her as Jack said shame I dudnt my wife was useless at cooking as my husband said we know we came to dinner once in 1604 and my belly still getting over it as we all laughed here’s our Jack wyth his lunch bless him

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