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So let’s return to our parste lyfes in Yorkshire Yorke 1590 .

February 2, 2021

As you know in 1590 my to be future husband then he was called Guy Fawkes went to fight thee dutch in Flanders he was in Queen Elizabeth I army under sir william Stanley after he sailed away on one of them big sailing ships . Guy soon rose through thee ranks in thee army and made loads of friends and this is where he learned to use gun powder and as he was a trained killer and a mercanary .as for me thee years wyth out my husband was hard and lonely my parents back then had returned to Dublin but I was always kept busy cleaning as a servent but in yorksher I knew a lot of people and of course I knew Jack and Christopher .as in thee dry days I would return to thee olde oak tree and sit under it watching thee world go by .but yes I did worry about my husband and I was lonely and lost wyth out his physical presence but .he had a job to do a rather dangerous one if that but I knew he would be safe and I felt he was wyth me after all we forged our lynks to ensure that he would be safe and when he did return in 1601 after many long years of thee war at that tyme .and Jack and Christopher to went to fight but thee years went by and before I knew he was back in my arms again .but wyth yorksher men when Jack saw us together my husband said summut and noubt .at thee tyme and last year after my husband and I talked about it after he said I missed you and never stopped loving you these pics appeared on thee phone this is my husband and Jack on a wet day in Flanders in 1591

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