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As our Christopher and my husband settle down for thee evening to watch our TV .

February 6, 2021

Nothing more than we lyke to watch Emmerdale and thee news my husband lyke I don’t lyke thee crime shows as he said seen one you have seen them all .but he gets a bit annoyed when there’s no programes about him he does have a point after all my husband did try to blow up thee houses of parliament back in 1605 .it wasn’t until reasontally we after all these years we all sat down and disscused it but in my view thee situation could of been handled in a different way like thou public opinion to Forse change and expose thee plight and percution of thee way thee Catholics was fynd heavily and their lyfes was Made a lyfing hell so here’s our Christopher and my husband .but for us in thee early 17th century was very bad tymes but our faith got us through and as a couple we stood tall so what happened after my poor husband was sentenced to death well for many centuries our spirits stayed together till it was tyme for me to be sent back to earth as my husband slept in thee tower of London and only come to my aid but I didn’t know it untill thee day when I was born in 1961 along wyth Jack he gate crashed my mother fyre work party and made sure when I was born they left and appeard a year later wyth a bear and a pram .then in 1974 when I was nearly killed by a bus on thee Witham road he pulled me back

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