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Ye douth say that we lyfe in two worlds as our little bedsit is either 1950s items to our 17th century things .

February 6, 2021

As my husband inspection of our three piece suite to make sure it’s all ship shape and Bristol fashion as he says to our Jack my missuss keeps a well organized and clean dwelling and it’s wife’s job to make everything spick and span it’s wimmins business to springle her magic touch to bring a bedsit glamour wyth a quick which here and there for us to enjoy .and as he says it’s men’s business and men’s work to inspect wife’s work but in our 17th century world men rule but I’m glad to say husband is pleased wyth my daily fettling yorksher men are very dominant as Guido and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert say it’s men’s law and a mans mans hime is his castle .as I say yes my husband you are right .

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