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As one from tyme to tyme has a regular look along wyth my husband and Jack at spittlefieds lyfe blog even thou one sadly left London nearly 5years ago after what happened at secpit towers in 2016 .

February 10, 2021

We all know about thee greatest writer of thee 20th century thee great gentle author wyth their great pics and stories that bring not only thee peoples of London but thee world wych gives one not only a in site of London past and indeed present lyfe in thee capital wych as one would say Thee pen is mightier than thee sword .but talking of London I and ones husband was very dissmayed to learn of thee blatent removal of thee slabs of outside thee olde Truman brewery in east London these bagavonds and bounders and cads had ripped up yet more of London’s past wyth a total dissregard thee thing is that it’s imperative that we concerve our rich heritage so that future generations can understand and appreciate what lyfing history is all about thee olde should be able to lyfe along wyth thee new tis seems that in thee 21st century it’s all about in London tear down thee olde and put up uninteresting crap wych won’t last thee tyme they need a good horse whipping we are supposed to be saving our planet after all once these olde things and buildings are gone you can’t bring them back .but in thee north lyke HS 2 rail it’s a good thing one knows from previous experience on our trains that on them olde parrifine ones they are not very environmental friendly and as a nation we have to have a more balanced network for people and wildlife as for London thee city has been there for many centuries wyth a rich past and it should be preserved

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