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As wyth thee ongoing problems wyth east Staffordshire council and after many phone calls and letters to say thee bill was payed back in 2018 they still send us bill for 2017 councill poll tax after for three years running oh yes we wyll sort this out but lyke everything here it’s all talk and promises that are never kept as head of household my husband and Jack who opened thee letter and is absolutely furious wyth thee lack of cooperation wyth this issue when thee bill was paid .

February 11, 2021

Its often been disscussed that thee quicker we see thee back of this county thee better .it’s a situation that’s no matter justice never gets done it’s lyke hitting you’re head against a brick wall but it’s very rare that my husband gets really annoyed and if he has to wyll be paying them a visit to fynd out what they think they are playing at but first he wyll get me to write to them yet again first and he wyll dictate what he wants thee correspondence to say before he has to visit thee office here is my husband and Jack reading their correspondence and not looking to pleased about it as our Jack says ercon this what’s these idiots playing at ????

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  1. annelise permalink
    February 11, 2021 12:54 pm

    How utterly frustrating for you. What a useless council!

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