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Brr Brr brr as thee beast from thee east meets ye beast from ye west as thee north wynd blows wyth it’s ice colde breath on thus douth say in this morn of thee uttoxeter twilight zone as one of our electric fyres hasuth layed in its box for ny on 69 years now.

February 12, 2021

As we traveled from one place to another from Oxfordshire to Braintree to London to leafy thee land of hate and thee tweeds no one would plug our Morphy Richards fyre in so I said to my husband I think after all these years it’s about tyme we did just that doesn’t one think loss lufian.deore which is 1603 olde English how back then we addressed one another in our home city Yorke as my husband attached his head and douth us say to our Jack who looked at ye and thus said lover friend Duero Leif which means beloved lover .if lufie pe is lovencorrect in 1603 speak which means it thee I want so he said thus be wimmins business to plug it in so I got it out of box gave him a clean and here’s our Morphy Richards modle number qx30 wyth its box as my husband says and Jack well done Loven XX morphy Richards was in Crayford in Kent they was one of thee major manafacters in thee 1940s and 1950s thee best of British

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