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As England shivers in lock down as our Jack is before thee beak but as my husband says we wyll be thee judge of that .

February 13, 2021

We all get on extremely well in thee house of Fawkes .but outside Jack frost is biteing hard wyth his paint brush of white as for our Jack he’s biteing hard as well mainly my neck as we play kiss chaise and my husband and I got stuck in thee cupboard as we played sardeens untill it was jacks turn but as I said it’s a good job you’re out of thee closit darling .but lyfing wyth ghost men they are full of energy more than I have but as my husband says that it’s men’s business missus noubt for ye to worry about men’s thinking lass here’s our Jack wyth his new bird tweet tweet watch thee dicky bird Jack ?talk about Byrd’s of a feather but as my husband says ones enough for me and wouldn’t want anyone else ah bless him as for our Jack he says I’m enough for him as well men don’t you just love them now I have two bites on my neck as my husband says a early valentine’s present from both of us talk about having a nibble .and here’s our Jack after yesterday’s dancing on thee ceiling good job I didn’t get to do thee can can mynd you that would be a bit uncanny don’t you think as for thee fox trot that husband sudjested I said I don’t know any foxes

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