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It was 50years ago to day when England changed to thee metric system of money 15th February 1971 for over 1000 years we held history in our hands but in £sd tymes we had 240 p to thee pound so what happened to thee other 140 p as today’s money is only 100p to thee pound .

February 15, 2021

There used to be 12p to thee shilling and thee coins was three d thee tanner 6d thee half penny thee big penny thee farthing 3d cointhee ten shilling notes and thee green pound note .in our past lyfe there was thee crown and thee noble and thee soverin thee half angle thee shilling two shillings thee ducket had gone out if if circulation thee grout coin 4d thee pound was only used to sell land in 1602 here’s our Christopher wyth his my husband and Jack coins

Thanks to my husband and Jack and Christopher for letting have a look at their coins of olde
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