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Love in lock downe or my husband and Jack says love wyth draws downe men .wyth all thee at vallentinces cards written and sent and exchanged between us we do what other lovers do on thee most romantic day of thee year .but for me ye wasn’t allways that way untill 2014 when my husband returned after 415 years along wyth my Jack and our Christopher kit Wright .

February 15, 2021

Lyke all couples we spent our day together in our cold hovell of a bedsit as ye thee and me cuddled up to keep warm in thee uttoxeter twilight zone but lyke most 17th century wimmin there was five cakes to make in our heart shaped cake tins for husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert as thee boys all wanted to lyck thee bowl out and soon as they was baked and home made jam put in them my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert soon gobbeld them up after their dinner shepherds pie and triffle but as I said to Tom I wyll not be truffled wyth especially when Tom said I’d lyke to cover ye wyth custarde and lyck it off men you never know what they wyll say next well we hope you had a happy valentine’s Day.

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