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As my husband and Jack and Christopher and I returned to thee uttoxeter twilight zone.

February 16, 2021

As ye waited us four for thee uttoxeter stage to come as once again we Hurd thee prairie dogs wyth their haunted howls that filled thee cold air as thee stood there as we shivers by thee twilight of thee disstant sun as thee wynd chilled out bones as in thee distance we could here thee catters and bangs of thee uttoxeter stage ye ha as it pulled up and shudder to a stop as thee thing they call horse power in these modern stage coaches we soon boarded and we alighted in thee one horse town village brr tis be cold as I held my husband’s and jacks hands as we continued on our way as we could smell thee coal fyres wyth there chimneys wyth smoke dancing on top of them .we was soon at ye village store wych is neyoung younder two miles from thee inner sanctum of thee uttoxeter twilight zone.we soon got our shopping as we took a slow strike back to thee inner sanctum and before we knew we was outside thee stage coach station waiting for thee stage coach to come in to our little Towne as we boarded thee stage and alighted in olde penny croft road as thee prairie dogs was howling once again ye ha thee uttoxeter stage is coming down thee olde dirt track lane as we managed to avoid thee rain .

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