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And this is my husband outside his olde skool at peters in Clifton Yorke .

February 19, 2021

As we all know my husband along wyth my Jack and Christopher kit Wright attended in 1577 my husband at thee tyme lived in thee shadow of Yorke minster .but Jack and Christopher lyfed in welwick near Yorke .Jack is thee eldest .who would of thought that they would all be parte of thee gun powder plot of November 1605 but what you didn’t know was thee plot was going to be on 23rd of February but thee opening of parliament was delayed and wyth their meetings in thee duck and drake pub in thee strand in London Robert Catesby decided to put it back to November 5th 1605 but in September 1604 Thomas Wintour was sceptical about it and thought it would be better to abandon it .but Robert castesby said tis must happen so Thomas agreed here’s my husband out side his olde skool wych he became head boy bless him and here he is on our day out to Witham Essex further from home back in 2019

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