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And here’s our 1960s sideboard wyth matching dining room table in formica a type of melamine .

February 20, 2021

In thee 1950s and 1960s there was lots of manafacters that made Formica and melamine tables side boards and chairs from leabus to meridue to stag whych in tottenham and even brick lane in eastern London .plus G plan after thee 1940s utility furniture it was a relief to see what could be done and made wyth modern plastic and three piece suite was made from PVC and wyth knew fabric that was made from nylon wych made things more affordable to then thee modern consumers of that tyme but lyke everything in England as they say they in Maggie thatures 1980s Britain thee factory’s closed as she and her government sold off thee family silver by privatisation as thee firms went out of business and thee things aren’t made any more but lyke everything else from that tyme it was made to last and a style that hasn’t aged even thou it’s 70years in some cases ago and in thous days people used to save up there pounds shillings and pence knowing when they came to buy it they still made it back then and then they could always get purchase credit loan all things in them days you had to pay purchase tax on most items here’s ours

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