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Thee Gun powder plot of 1605 and this is how we used to speak in our country of Englaland in thee early 17th century here’s some of thee familiar places we know as you would spell them today and also how we used to spell them today don’t forget thee Gunpowder plot is on PBs America on this Friday at 1pm 21st century tyme on freeview 91 .

February 21, 2021

So let’s return to may 21st 1604 to Lunden in thee upstairs room of thee Duck and Drake pub to take a ganda at thee meeting of thee plotters here’s my husband and Jack and Christopher and Thomas wintour and Robert wintour who is reading over Robert Castesbys plans as they disscused and agreed and it was thee blue print for future weekly meetings upstairs room at thee Duck and Drake wych is in thee strand in lunden as they talked and Drank their mead and ale .so let’s look at Engaland England .in 1605 on this map I drew you wyll see Nordhymbre.Northumberland today Yorke mierce is Midlands .eastangle is east anglia .west seaxe is west Sussex today oxenaford is Oxford today .cent Kent Lunden is London weales is Wales cantuaraburh.cantabury.caapstow.chepstow here’s my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert wintour and thee map of 17th century Engaland englise.

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