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And this is us at Scarborough castle in yorksher as we went back to fylm this to 1602 November our wedding day .

February 23, 2021

We all leave our special signature whilst on earth in our lyfe tymes to thee places we visit and when our spirits leave our body’s as lyke a machine they wear out and our spirits have much to learn as we get born in to one lyfe to another and for thee majority of us we know nothing much what and where was before but if you think about it logical you sometime thing to ones self oh I’ve been there before or haven’t I said that before or even seen or smelt something but coundnlc explain it but as you know for me I can remember everything and everyone and where I lyfed before many mediums said I’m a very olde spirt and when I went to thee tower of London back in 2014 that’s why when I touched my husband’s signature that’s what he was waiting for thee power of what had gone before and wyll continue for many centuries in thee future so even thou my husband whikse in thee tower made sure that he left many invisible signatures on as much as he could that even thou many centuries had gone by it was his form of contact and all I had to do was fynd it and as you know that’s exactly what I did and that’s why my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert you see them today lyfing ghosts .but as you see back in November 8th 1605 at Holbeck house in Staffordshire and on 31st January 1606 tis ye wasn’t thee end of my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert it was only thee beginning untill physical contact was made

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