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In thee year of 1604 we returned to monkes bridge in Yorke yorksher where thee four wynd mills ye was their making thee bred .

February 23, 2021

In thee early 17th century Yorke had many industries and five wynd mills four at monkes bridge and one in boulem but now there’s only one .Yorke was and still is thee city to be and in kings square near Yorke minster is where my husband grew up and he lyfed wyth his family in a little house there in thee shadow of Yorke minister it’s now a shop now but even thou his parents and sister have gone into thee spirt world .but my husband signature still remains and when we returned back in 2019 when we went into what now is a gift shop it sent shivers down my spine .as thee hands on my watch started to go backwards .in our past childhood lyfes my husband and I and sometimes our Jack used to go up to thee wyndmills and play kiss chaise and then go thee shambles and run through it wyth out a care in thee world .and here we are at monkes bridge in 1604 when we walked back through tyme its self as we saw a slither of light by thee toy shop wych is in thee corner of kings square but what seemed a long tyme wasn’t and before long we was back where we started as we walked on to Thee Guy Fawkes pub

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