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Who would of thought that I would wear thee same dress that my husband choose back in Yorke yorksher back in 1602 that I would wear again in November 5th do our photo shoot for our callendar .

February 25, 2021

When we visited Yorke back in November 2019 we was walking along stone gate and as you go to kings square there’s a toy shop wyth lots of great toys in it .as my husband said look come wyth me oh are we going in to thee shop no Jack said as at thee side of thee wall was this 6foot bright lyght hold our hands as before we knew where we was we was back in thee same at stone gate but in 1602 as guy said here’s thee shop as we went in oh thee man said come for some more fabric Guy as my husband said in a matter of speaking .as he showed us thee rolls of various fabric guy said oh that wyll do we will have six yards .as thee man said to my husband is this you’re future wife .Jack said it’s summat and noubt as Jack said let’s go out side whilst Guy payed thee money .as we went out thee shop I Hurd thee man say only a couple of days for thee we’d her Guy yes he said ercon this have thee got her dress ready for fitting yet of course say two days ok I’ll send her in as he opened his money for thee second tyme as he came out wyth thee roll of fabric wyth a smile on his face as we walked along stone gate to where in 21st century thee toy shop would be as thee lyght appears quick tyme to go as soon we was back in 2019 .as my husband said lass it was over 400years ago when you tryed thee dress on and thee date was thee 3rd of November 1602 so as my husband and Jack and I visit thee Guy Fawkes pub and who did he see his dad Edward Fawkes ghostwho’s just lyke his son he haunts thee pub regularly

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