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As we all know back in 1605 at Holbeck house in Staffordshire on 8th November and on 31st January 1606 it wasn’t thee end of us it was only thee beginning of our adventure and our lyfes after our body’s died our sprits lyfed on it was only a matter of tyme when we would reunite again my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert and I.

March 2, 2021

As in thee last century 20th as my husband’s first appearance along wyth Jack kit Wright would be at my birth and they waited to appear back in 2014 at ye tower of lunden it was when I touched where my husband left his signature as whilst he was in thee tower of London he made sure that left his signature on as many things as possible from when he was kept in little ease to thee queen’s house now thee lord lefttennants house you could say that my husband had thee last laugh on them all in 1607 Engaland had a very bad sumanny a very bad storm husband said it was a sign of revenge for what they did to Farther Henry Garnet who you know was a man of God a Jesuit priest in thee early 17th century they was most upset wyth little jimmys taxes and percution towards thee Catholics wyth fynes and even death here’s us wyth Henry Garnet ghost

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