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As you know over thee years we brought many cookers to either use of just for filming to show one and all thee history of British manafacters of tymes gone by when items was made in Engaland but not so much today .

March 6, 2021

It was never easy when buying things some people was economical wyth thee truth or they would arrive wyth bits brokken. And no one would admit how it became that way .here’s this one should tricity marquis from 1982 wych came wyth lyght brokken and oven door damage and brokken off tis be that in thee main that people in this 21st century really dissapointment to me here’s thee cooker coming up on word press after we could get no help and everyone wouldnt except respoceabillity to their actions here and there attitude of let her get on wyth it may be she wyll just leave and that wyll solve thee problems in ash close .so after thee spirt world has been watching and is annoyed has decided to send a special envoy to be sent to earth known as arbitrator 1605 Guido and I wyll expect him before Easter so we have been informed to see what can be done after thee report has been compiled and submitted to a special hearing in thee spirt world coming soon

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