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So let’s return to Yorke 1604 my husband lyke all men would have his pint of ale or mead in them days us wimmin very rarely went into a tavern .

March 6, 2021

In 1604 drinking in taverns was done by men and when my husband wasn’t in thee duck and drake pub plotting thee gun powder plot in that tyme .pubs as they are known today are very different in them days they had oak paneling on thee walls wyth candle on lyke a wooden wheel .mead or ale was served as thee men would disscused there business as husband says that’s men’s business missus noubt for thee to worry about but today it’s rare for my husband to have a drink and Jack eats his quaver six packs still they are growing ghosts

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  1. March 7, 2021 2:06 pm

    Think Quavers are probably a good choice for a ghost – quavering is what they sometimes do.

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