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So let’s have a look at our english language back in thee early 17th century this is how we counted thee numbers 1to 20 .and even today in our house hold my husband and Jack and Christopher and I still do .

March 11, 2021

As one may know that in thee 10th century in Yorke thee Vikings from Denmark came to invade Yorke even today Yorke hosts thre yorvic center where one and all can visit thee place to see how thee Vikings worked and lyfed back then even thou Yorke hasn’t changed over thee centuries king Cnut of Danmark in thee wintor of 1019 wrote thee book called thee Yorke Gospel at mark and mattuew are included in it and it’s held in Yorke minister hold halaford it’s a ten century book .so let’s look at thee numbers ahn is one twayen 2 pry 3 feower 4 fif 5 syx 6 seofron 7 Eahta 8Nigon 9 tyn 10 Endlufon 11 twelf 12 preotyne 13 feowertyne.14 fftyne 15 syntyne 16seofonyne 17 Eahtatyne 18 Nigonetyne 19 twentig 20 but even today thee vikings have left their mark thee days of thee week are from Viking god’s

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