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In these uncertain tymes we lyfe in 21st century Engaland wyth people beeing scared to walk thee streets at night after thee sad events of what happened in South of England .

March 14, 2021

in ones lyfe tyme so far one has experience lots of bad encounters along thee way and untill ones husband returned back in 2014 I didn’t feel safe in London or any where at night .but let’s return to ye Braintree years to 1983 in July of that year .it all started when a friend of mine said who also helped out in a befriending group wych helped out a hand to men whom was suicidal tendencies and this chappy needed some one to convay ones feeling to .so one agreed to meet thee pair of us to meet him in rayne road at 7pm so as one waited for thee chap to turn up wych one did in his olde mk 3 ford automobile .we was supposed to arrive and alight in Braintree Towne centre by thee thee boar’s head but thee chap had other ideas and thee centra locking went downe and we spend at high speed through Braintree and through bradwell and coggeshal and at thee road junction at lexston wych is near coldchester thee car stopped to turn into thee dual carriageway I looked on thee back seat and there was loads of ropes and chains as he was trying to moove thee automobile I reached over to his side and turned thee car keys thee engine stopped and thee doors opened I opened thee door and ran across ther road as he tryed to follow but there was loads of automobiles beeping their horns he drove off and a bus just turned up and I got in it but a few later after I explained to ones friend what had happened I found out thee chappy was convicted and sent to thee slammer but for many years one would not vencher out at night for a long tyme for three years then I went to London and tottenham and then went to lyfe in Tottenham

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