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So what does one know about yorkes history so let’s return to 1476

March 18, 2021

As you may well know that queen Elizabeth thee 1st tyme and long before from king Cnut back in thee 10th century who sent thee gospels to Yorke when thee vikings invaded and even today everdence can still be found there in 1476 Yorke under its charter to thee crown at thee tyme Yorke was a self governing state wyth in England and a self governing city and was also independent of yorksher there was to sheriff’s whom was elected on sept 1476 each had thee rights of jurisdiction and had their own court as they become thee city council .of wych 12 aldenmen was elected thee mayor of Yorke was allways elected on January 15th thee mayor alderman plus two dozen sherriffs formed a privy council who wyth good results ran thee city thee meeting was held at at Williams chapple on Ouse bridge and their meetings was duly recorded in books called thee house books in 1600 yorkes at peters gate had some new dwellings built wyth three stories high along its street wych are still there today even my husband’s grandfather William Harrington was thee lord mayor of Yorke in thee 1500s

And here we all are in thee shambles in Yorke back in 1588 in our past lyfes there I haven’t changed much and in thous days I was known as denvorgilla Edith

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