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As England still in lock downe till after and ones husband and Jack and Christopher returned to thee inner sanctum of thee uttoxeter twilight zone.

March 19, 2021

lyke all couples one and all had to return to thee uttoxeter twilight zone in our monochrome world and wyth thee fyne rain as we waited for thee uttoxeter stage coach as allways thee pairey dogs was a howing as thee stage coach came downe thee hill and stopped as we all got on and soon thee horse power thing sprang into lyfe and we chugged along thee country roads to thee village bus station .and as we embarked thee stage coach we looked at thee closed shop winders as thee wynd blew through thee village street .we was still on our way to our village store and vencherd inside to see what could be gleaned to buy wyth our few pounds and soon we was on our way as we returned to thee bus station as another stage coach came in to thee Burton stop and usually there’s these three men whom stand and write all thee stage coach numbers down and stand and resite their tales about thee stage coaches .thee Staffordshir stage coach pulled into thee stop wych is most unusual as thee Staffordshir stage is not usually in thee uttoxeter twilight zone these days as beyound yonder one could see thee smoke signals is it Birmingham city 2 tottenham 6 I wonder but there again they on hinds sight aren’t playing today we soon embarked on our journey as thee Staffordshire stage went on its way and before long we was back where we started and soon back in thee hoovel unpacking our shopping

Whip crack away as we catch thee Staffordshire stage coach
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