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So why did my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert decided that I must not have thee covid jab.

March 20, 2021

We have to go back nearly six years to that fateful day on august 17th 2015 when as you may remember that thee doctor at our liloc surgery said hospital go now .as back in them days in thee London years my husband wasn’t lyke he is today as he is more in touch physically makes his presence known .as I walked down to thee hospital and waited in A and E I wondered if I’d ever see thee outside world again .and when I did get to see thee clinician whom said when I see you’re husband is wyth you wyth his pointy hat .but after her prognosis wych was bad and advise not to leave as my tyme was up it was thee shock of beeing told I’m ever so sorry to say that you wyll die .but I refused to stay and they disscharged me against their wyshes at thee tyme on thee proviseall that I would return thee next morning .but thee thing that got to me thee most was my mother’s attitude oh you ain’t dead yet she said after repeated trying to contact her but thee same was to be said for mark roughy who said nine days later in a text are you dead yet ? And even Christopher whom I known for years all had thee same attitude oh no can’t visit you .but they couldn’t understand that I needed support wych they didn’t give and said funeral costs money so thee best thing to tell them if you die just put you in thee bin it’s cheaper .so as we discussed what happened back then and that’s why my Husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert said no to covid we are best placed to protect you .mynd you looking back it’s not every day on you’re x-ray you see a black mist on thee hole right side of you’re body as my husband said I came in thee machine to give you a cuddle ah bless him no batteries required as wyth all that nucular energy after he was in thee machine he’s fully charged up you could say

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  1. March 20, 2021 10:30 pm

    As long as you have all taken into account that catching the actual disease is likely to be serious for you because it brings with it a tendency to blood clots and they are not good news. Clots as a result of the vaccine have been pretty much disproven, and you could at least be monitored for a week or so afterwards The disease is likely to be more serious for you than any vaccine. Just as long as you discuss all that between you and maybe your doctor. And don’t worry too much! Take care.

  2. March 20, 2021 11:26 pm

    Yes, things do run in families, no question. But you probably got better care and better medication than any of your forebears did. I think you manage pretty well considering that yes, that’s a serious condition.

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