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Its has often been said by various people why thee hell do you have to put up wyth this I sure wouldn’t.

March 21, 2021

Thee situation in ones ones has never been perfect in any way but it’s my physical health that suffered thee main problems is mostly inheritive blood clots and haitus hernier and Raynards circulation problems run in thee family .as well as arthritis and asthma and for me sadly I got thee lot plus two inches short leg but lyke anything else by thee tyme of waiting about it was to late as it says on my doctor notes thee family is known .but what makes it worse is lyke wyth what happened wyth this council when thee dept relive order was obtained by thee court back in 2017 thee council was notified that I was bankrupt I’ll physical health and that they would be payed whych they was but that didn’t stop them sending baliffs who wyth thee court charges up and up thee main problems is that these council are to quick wyth these judges to add charges on wyth out thee facts once in 2017 they sent baliffs and when we went wyth a telling them off oh it should of been ash close Burton on Trent .but as I said at thee tyme if you don’t want me in you’re county send me either to Yorke or send me back to London .but wyth thee problems wyth thee neighbors all I could get was well you have Guido to help you .but at least I can relie on him and that’s why if I can’t get help from anyone on earth then that’s why Guido wyll help .as for thee neighbors a ban was put into force and it wyll remain that way till I eventually moove .

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