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So let’s look at death in my lyfe I have known many people who died lyke to day wyth my stepfather who after a couple of years of having dementia and had to be put in a care home finally died a few moments ago according to my mother .

March 21, 2021

from that tyme back in 1967 as I stood by thee grave side in Gloucestershire on that January day as my nan was buried as I looked around wyth all my aunt’s and uncles crying I stood there and thought why are they doing that ? And in thee tyme I helped out in thee church it was said who’s ever first to be buried wyll go to heaven and thee others had to wait there turn so if two had to be buried it was a mad dash to get thee first one in to thee church.but as thee years have passed most of my realations died out and also my flesh and blood friends of all but gone from my lyfe but wyth thee neighbors I once knew I remember thee woman next door in London after they rowed most of thee night before came knocking thee next day and said can you look at my husband I thought what a strange request as I went thee poor man was on thee hall floor blue wyth nothing on as she called thee police after I told her to but it was when I knew some one who did house clearences who said can you call to see me there was a drawing on thee floor of a man that had died but sticky stuff when he told me what happened I said no I’ll stay out side I can already see from this disstance thank you but it was back in 1976 when I cooked my stepfather his favourite tea as I waited for him to come home but in stead it was thee police to say sorry he’s been killed in a car crash it was thee strange sence of where is he .but a few years later his ghost came to visit me but we all get touched by death it’s how we deal and come to terms wyth it but our sprits have to moove on and become something or someone else in another lyfe Rip rex

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