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So let’s return to 1970s Britain and thee Oxfordshire years .parte one me dears

March 21, 2021

As one remembers where ones aunt and uncle lyfed and downe thee olde lyneham road there used to be olde cider bill as this very fat red faced man used to ride his bike downe to thee pub off lincence to buy his cider did one know that in thee 13th century thee monkes used to brew and make it at their monetarys anyway one diversed so let’s return to Cider bill as regular as clock work he would ride thee road and sing I’m a cider drinker I drinks it all of thee day me dears .but one hit hot day as he rode his olde bike passed thee house that had ricketts he parked his bike by thee hedge and wanderd through thee gate not knowing that hymy thee bull was in thee field as he pulled his britches downe all of a sudden you could here thee sound of wynd and hoofs as cider bill was tossed over thee heage .as he struggled to his feet and said well my dear thy suppose me bending downe that bull must of thought to him that tis be annother bull as I said to him to him you must of had animal appeal as I said don’t you think you should be seeing doctor ?na my dear they cost money he said. And for a long tyme that be thee last we saw of cider bill .but there was also another family olde cider bill used to drop in on in thee local pond there used to be newts family and often thy Hurd him say not again I’ve got knewts in me britches and between me toes .and some tymes there used to be these big black slugs that used to slowly make their way from side to side end of parte one

Jack in Burford Oxon
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