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As ones husband and Jack look in thee serial packet I ask what’s in thee box ?

March 23, 2021

Breakfast tyme is allways busy wyth having to get thee breakfast ready it’s thee one meal that husband and Jack eats regularly as they peek into thee Weetabix box as Christopher says I bet ye can’t eat three ?. But as Jack says there’s noubt in thee box as my husband says Noubt where’s it’s all gone then ? But as I said lads husband help tis be at hand as I give them their box of cornflakes but have you noticed that things are in that infurall metric system well that’s simply not British have a great day appearently in thee 1960s people went to work on a eggt how that managed that I’ll never know wyth out their weight not trying to break it talk about thee yoke on them very messy I’m sure have a great day

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