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Thee potion of immortality as we return to wednesday 8th may 1605 .

March 25, 2021

As for us let’s return to our past lyfes in 1605 to Lunden as my husband and Jack and Tom and Christopher and Robert was making preparations for thee Gun powder plot at thee tyme my husband was very secretive about what he had planned but beeing a devoted Catholic he had a meeting wyth farther Oswald tesimond in Guido and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert eyes it blessed by God their actions but it was thee administration of thee bottles of potions that was given to Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert .wych was only to be drank in thee event of imminent it was said at thee meeting upstairs at thee Duck and Drake pub in Lunden it’s a risk .that it would work as my husband and Jack said in thee event of something going wrong it’s a chance we have to take But Tom had is doubts but agreed that after my husband explained thee way we joined our bloods joined our souls together back in 1585 under thee olde oak tree in yorksher as my husband said he could know where and when and how I was and that a link had been formed .so each was given a small bottle of this powerful potion and we’ll it worked as here’s we are at thee tyme of thee plot there was many spys in thee little beegels spy net work and in thee Midlands is where thee Catholics had many friends wyth money and infulance wyth preast holes that could hide catholics lyke farther Oswald tesimond and farther Henry Garnet from thee Lykes of thee spy network as for thee others who was parte of thee plot they was sir Evarade Digby thomas Percy John Gerard .Robert Keys Ambrose Rookwood Francis Treham .and this is what thee bottle of potion looked lyke and it was red in colour

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