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Don’t forget at 1am Sunday morning we in England change thee clocks forward from english wintour tyme to British summer tyme .

March 27, 2021

Ever since 1916 we change thee clocks but in this day and age why we don’t have double summer tyme lyke they did in thee war years thee 1940s .ya talks about saving our planet but there’s more they can do lyke give us double summer tyme again .we don’t know about you but hasn’t this year dragged by for my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert and I it’s a shame we can’t go forward in tyme but occasionally we can go back in tyme but only where we lyfed thee events of our past lyfes .

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  1. March 27, 2021 11:53 am

    haha, you have a new character in your house, David. It could get very crowded in there if it weren’t for the fact that ghosts don’t take up as much space as flesh and blood humans, and they can always shove up and make room for another whether permanent or temporary.

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