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From Oxfordshire in thee 1970s and Bristol in parte two we go to thee Essex years in thee land of men who would say hullo Darling .so let’s return to Chelmsford Essex to 1972 .

March 28, 2021

So far me in ones formative years as we mooved to Essex wych was quite a shock wyth all them town shops and department stores lyke Bonds of Lunden and Marks and Spencers and Caters supermarket and Debinhams some was on two floors wyth revolving doors and some had escutatators and rite master busses that would stop in thee high street .I remember whilst in thee Towne I just was ready to elight off this bus when as I got off thee thing started up and I was thrown into this beared mans arms as I looked at him he said hullo Darling as I said sorry about that and thanks but as one composed ones self after he spoke in this strange accent I went on my way thinking if only I was ten years older I’d love to have his babies .as one continued on ones way through thee busy streets of 1970s england on to Woolworths wyth sweets and toys and home goods galoure wyth eyes a popping at thee sites of men as I wondered why are some big and some so small some young and whys that’s ones got a wrinkly face I wonder if he needs pumping up as he must of gone downe mynd you I was only ten at thee tyme as thee world of giants and thee world was a very big frightening place .but as thee years douth pass you get to realise as you grow up that wyth thee flesh and blood men that they would have a laugh but after a while they would turn nasty and that you found it very uncomfortable to ever want to speak or see them again and over thee years sadly it’s repeatedly happend from Dalston’s market when one of thee market stall holders humiliated me in front of everyone so as I said at thee tyme none of you stood up for me sorry I can’t come back .and even here it’s happened whych wyth no one to speak to lyfing here has made me feel so uncomfortable that I dread going into thee stupid biggoted place .but my husband makes sure they go to far he can deal wyth them end of parte two next tyme we look at Easter and our tyme when we returned to 1605

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