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So did you see thee Gun powder plot TV program on channel 84 yesterday afternoon well we watched a bit of it .but lyke any program that has been out on various channels over thee years my husband always applies what he calls husband’s progitive and if he thinks that if anything is not suitable for me to watch then thee TV gets swiched off as he says that’s Guido law on what you see my missuss .

March 28, 2021

As we settled downe to watch thee tyme watch program as my husband and Jack held my hands we watched half of it but thee end husband switched thee TV off as my husband and Jack says ye don’t need to know .but as you know that my husband guy Fawkes has been in my lyfe since thee day I was born and it wasn’t till my tarot reading back in July 2015 in Waltham abbey that my husband showed him self as I was told that as thee lyghts flickering can you feel a hands on you’re shoulders well that’s you’re husband thee lynk you forged many centuries ago is wyth Guy Fawkes that’s who’s behind you as well as four others by you’re side who are Jack and Christopher kit Wright and Thomas wintour as I sat there I was totally blown away I knew who Guy Fawkes was and Thomas wintour but I must admit I didn’t know much about Jack and Christopher kit Wright .and thee first tyme I really saw them back in August 2015 wow that was wonderful but as you know she also said about my leg as you know in aug 2015 it was to hospital I had to go .but it was back in 2019 in Yorke when my past lyfes dawned on me and that my lyfe would never be thee same again .as for thee program that was made to cellibrated thee 400years of thee Gun powder plot back in that year as my husband said not bad but smiled and said there’s one woman they knew about thee live of my lyfe and that’s you my love and as he says I might not of blown his fat ass over thee mountains but we had thee last laugh and we all lyfe on today and every day thee passion of Christ thee passion of Christ.wife

But even thou we don’t use any ones else’s pics my husband said we wyll return to London in 1605 to take our own pics
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