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So let’s return to our last visit to Lunden on Monday April 15th 1605 so are you ready let’s return?.

March 28, 2021

back in April 15 the 1605 at thee tyme I’d been in lunden for two days as my husband brought me and our son Tom from Yorke to stay wyth him in a login e house who was rented by a friend of his Thomas in Central Lunden. As Guy said after many years of us missing his birthday we just had to spend it together as a family and to take in thee sites in foggy Lunden .at that tyme there was big Rats that ran in front of you in thee busy streets wyth thee Plauge about as Guy said it’s saves us paying them fynes for not attending church beeing catholics it was forbidden to practice in public our faith as we walked thee busy streets as we was both unknown along wyth our son we could feel at ease in thee fact that no one only a few knew whom we was .as we walked along there was these children singing this tyme Thee lion and thee unicorn all about Towne some gave tthem white bred and some gave them brown .some gave them plum cake and some drummed them out of Towne .as when we had been beaten out he would beat him again he would be beat ye three tymes over till ye was douth gone along wyth his union coin as we watched and listened my husband says it’s about that one whom that when tyme is right wyll receive a bloive .I looked at my husband and said what douth ye mean as my husband replied wait and see for ye and me wyll soon be free once again my love for now tis be men’s business missus noubt for ye to worry about.

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  1. Susan permalink
    March 28, 2021 3:34 pm

    As I read this entry I can’t help but wonder—-I hope you won’t mind my asking—if you have always remembered your previous life. As a child did you realize, or was it only as an adult?
    Please don’t answer if you feel I’m presuming too much.

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