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As ones husband comes out of what we call his counting corner wyth thee post and says nothing hasn’t changed lass a surreality is that in lyfes it’s allways been about bills death and taxes thee rich get richer thee downe trodden poor get poorer .

March 30, 2021

As ones husband goes over our accounts and gives his permission regrudenly to pay thee poll tax as he said one minute you don’t have to pay and then they day you do .as for thee vote for this MP well know way you voteing for thee one that there now labour one to vote for as he pointed out when we asked for help she sided wyth thee housing people .and along wyth Jack it was said they are supposed to represent thee people not thee opponent who has done nothing to help in forcillitateing a moove .as wyth that infurall washing machine on and on it’s not good enough to expect anyone to put up wyth that all day and he’s not at all pleased wyth this .but he also said they govern by fear to keep every thing in lyne I suppose you could say that in thee 21st century we are bombarded by images on how they lyke us to comform to thee general way of thinking and they don’t lyke people who speak out and oppose that wych he has a point even when we go shopping things gets mooved about so you end up wyth more than you went in for

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