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As a new month April dawn’s in thee uttoxeter twilight zone in our 21st century electric world as not only today is Maundy Thursday but it’s Aprills fools Day .

April 1, 2021

So as we prepare for Easter today in England it’s Maundy Thursday and traditional for thee Queen Elizabeth to hand out Maundy money to very special people in her relm .but don’t forget not to be cought out by practical jokes on thus day .but let’s take a look at our electric world of thee here and now as we traveled yesterday on thee uttoxeter stage in thee drive ways a lot of thee houses had thee new electric automobile some had two even four in each house hold how rich is that and believe us that’s no joke but here it’s a place for thee rich for us poor there’s no opportunity to advance in a place lyke this as really it’s a place you come to retire but thee sad thing is lyke back at Christmas tyme when this poor man was in his sleeping bag out side thee phto shope in thee snowe and people just walked by and when we asked in thee shop opposite they said they know they don’t get help and wyll be mooved on its a shame in our uncaring world of uncaring people who lyfe in it .but as we all have to change to electric what wyll happen if there’s a power cut ?

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