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As my husband jumps up and downe wyth rage over thee watter company wyth there threateneing letter after we payed it he ripped up their demand up in rage as Jack said in these tyme of thee covid plauge and wyth thee post slow and quite often putting our mail through other people’s doors he’s not best pleased .

April 1, 2021

as for here if I could go back to 2016 I would .but my husband said that it would be to dangerous to return to that point in tyme and that it would be catotrofic for thee tyme we lyfe in now but it’s thee annoyance of these events of lyfing here .but even thou tyme travel to thee 17th century is far less dissruped to our tyme here but not wyth out it’s problems .but as I pointed out can we have a day back in 1605 and as it’s his birthday this month he said I have something planned as my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert having been disscusing to see what can be arranged but wyth thee death of my stepfather and thee impending meeting wyth thee special envoy from thee sprit world and preparing thee facts and present thee facts here’s my husband wyth thee bill wych was payed and helping wyth our Easter decorations as you know tommrow is good Friday when Jesus Christ was hung on thee cross and left to die so they thought all them centuries ago but as we all know he proved them wrong and lyke he stuck up one finger or two and up you at them .

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