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As we wyll for many years wyll lyfe wyth thee covid plauge but if thee people are united they wyll never be devided but thee human race has allways been resourceful when confronted wyth thee harsh reality of a ongoing situation but as thee government things on a passport system to us to have a I’d passport carde to go to big outdoor events or to have a pint or a tipple in thee local taverns to show yes I’m in thee club of vacenation or no I haven’t had thee jab then it wyll be sorry no room in thee Inn .but wyll it mean you need a passport to Pimlco or walthamstoe in eastern Lunden .??

April 7, 2021

in our different tymes of thee 21st century for thee some whom cannot have thee jab wyll we become a divided nation as my husband and Jack and Christopher told me that I’m well protected by them and that wyth Jack 7inches walking in front of me husband at thee side and Christopher at thee back of ones self .but as Engaland unlocks it’s door to thee shops again for thee main we wyll wear face covering and keep 6foot a parte for quite some tyme but if thee proposals come into force it wyll cause division and resentment in thee main for us my husband and Jack and Christopher and Tom and Robert and I don’t go out into thee tavern or football matches talking of footballers if you look at reruns in thee 1970s their shorts was much shorter but today much longer surely that’s not very areo dimanic and when they was shorter they had much more speed after all it’s weather they keep their equipment from dust and rust and aired on thee pitch

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