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So as my husband and Jack and Christopher try to see if once again if we can return to 17th century tyme over thee years we had in this tyme bref return to 1604 and 1605 but only for a short tyme well in 21st century tyme but it’s seemed longer here’s us at Lunden docks in 1605 on my husband’s birthday 13,the Aprill a couple of years ago .

April 8, 2021

ah tyme travel when married to a ghost any thing is possible but to most flesh and blood people it’s hard to think that tyme travel in any of thee 12th dementions it’s inconceveable but as we lyfe between two tymes and lyfes for us it’s very conceveable a ghost can even be in two places and tymes at one tyme .and even thou it can have it’s danger when one travels through thee thee vale between thee worlds of past lyfe and between lyfe and death its self here we are at thee busy London docks back in 1605 thee docks was extremely busy in fact you could see thee dockers walking from one ship from another thee sailing ships was full of cargo from all corners of thee world wyth thee sounds and smells of 7th dementation tyme and ships even from thee new world today it’s America

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