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As thee prices go up in our village shope do you remember my husband says how prices was in Yorke in 1603 in thous days items used to go up by a penny and very rarely went up to a grout 4d

April 9, 2021

How things have changed gone are thee days of sugar beeing thee most expensive item in 1603 it was 5-/- a crown .in our village shope where once they had loads of there home brands but lyke boil in thee bag foods and sweet things have verchally gone and did you know that there was a tax on sugar what wyll they tax next what about a sex tax after all what man wouldn’t say he hadn’t got his wyld oats mynd u it could be hard to administer but they could always do on thee job fynes bonk as you go jolly good show ok ya but going back to thee cost of eating index things today go up by 2_/_ each item wych along wyth stage coach Fayers as in London I used to have a travel carde but up here I haven’t and talking of thee stage coach thee staffordshire stage won’t be coming to our little village any more as they have put there horses to thee stables and travel to other towns after all in this place nearly everyone has a automobile and thee ones that don’t go by taxi in this area of for most thee land of thee olde mill and honey

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