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As it’s my husband’s birthday he said missuss tyme we went shopping but married to a ghost we went back to 7th dementation tyme as thee K2 tyme lamp after we held it took us back to 1960s Britain this is parte one of 9 on our tyme traveling adventure

April 13, 2021

Wyth his £sd in his pocket we was catapulted through tyme how remembers Pricerights supermarket wyth there pink sheald stamps as I remembered going shopping as a child in Witney Oxfordshire in 1969 wyth a store wyth lots to buy and see for me Pricerights was thee best and they sold other things as well as food sadly they have been gone from our high street for many years along wyth London electric board where you could pay you’re bills and have a look at thee new appliances they had in store wyth their buy now pay iin september and in wood green BHS in 2016 it closed its doors next tyme on our travels we go shopping in victor value where my husband and Jack brought six packs of sweets crunchie do you remember in thee 1980s their advert thank god god its Friday crunchie bar go on have one here we are at Pricerights

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