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To be or not to be ye that is thee question! As we returned to April Saturday 13th 1605 tyme in 9th dementation tyme at 345pm so let’s return to London 1605 are you ready ?

April 14, 2021

So on our visit back wyth thee aid of our lyght of tyme which has thee advantage of trainmitting pics back to 21st century tyme as we held on to thee lamp in thee middle of thee night in 21st century tyme we arrived back in London at sunrise after beeing acosstomed to thee smell my husband sudjested a stroll around thee city as people was milling about as Jack my husband and I walked up to thee globe where shakespere held his plays in this round open top building wych this great play right wrote many of his plays thee first beeing Julius Caesar friends Roman country men lend me you’re ears not likely never get you’re ears back I thought as I asked my husband can we come back later on to see what’s on as Jack then said oh its Otheo but it could be king Lear but we wyll have to go before sunset as thee plays are performed before sun goes down .but we can easily fynd out as my husband said I have lots to show you .as we walked by olde kings Henrys thee palace of Westminster by thee River Thames wych smelt lyke rotten eggts as my husband said we wyll go and see Robert at his lodgins just over thee water if thee boats free my husband said but first I’ve other things to show you wife as it’s our last tyme to visit here but first Jack and I must eat and drink and I said what am I going to do husband? Don’t worry mussus you’re coming to by husband’s side as his and Jack held my hands as we set along thee way through thee dirty smelly streets of olde London Towne next tyme in parte two after my husband and I and Jack meet up wyth guys other friends here’s us at thee globe

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