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For many years our secret of our past lyfes has been hidden as in parte three of our return to 1605 we meet up wyth Father Henry Garnet and Everard Digby and for many years it was just drawings of what every one looked lyke in a tyme before cameras was to be invented wych too nearly two centuries later .

April 16, 2021

who wouldbof thought back in July 2015 that we could go back to our past lyfes in Yorke and London in other tymes wyth our tyme machine thee lamp that only appears on earth when two tymes join but tyme travel is dangerous mainly lyke bumping into your former selfs as we had a near miss but seeing our son was very upsetting as his sprit isn’t in this tyme but for thee rest our spirits lyfe on in this world and thee next as we continue our adventure in 1605

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